Target Beats Announces Icon Comics

2011-06-24 16:00:29 by JohnEastman

I will be uploading a few more instrumentals this evening. Working on some comic books too. So expect to see that. I will be including full quality soundtracks for all my PDF Comics. Check it out at Coming real soon! Create More! :) John

Target Beats Announces Icon Comics

I just uploaded another complete song. Use these songs in your Flash Games for that extra polished sound and dramatic feel. Sometimes the quality of the graphics will be perceived by the player to be much better than the graphics actually are. This can happen when the audio is of superior quality to the latter. Just a guess, but probably worth the test. Give me a shout when you need to test some more and have something specific (exlusive to your game development style) or simply go fetch the freebies at my site:

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